2020 Home Trends I Can Get Behind

Now, more than ever, we are grounded in our home bases. We’ve been forced worldwide to spend time in our abodes, and what time is better than now to catch up on those projects you’ve been putting off? I personally have been working on my home for months (you can visit my Instagram to catch up on my progress), and am using this quarantine to work on some big rooms in my house. To draw inspiration, I did some digging around to find some trends for 2020 and I found quite a few that I love! If you know me, you know I love bold statements, black and white combos, and pieces of nature around me, so 2020 is right up my alleyway. Keep reading for some of my favorite home trends:

1. Black, White + Wood Kitchens

On a whim a few months ago, I painted my foyer black and added a gold frame to the wall. Ever since then, I’ve been itching to mirror that in my kitchen. Currently, I have wooden bar that will stay, but I plan to change everything else out. 

Black, white and wood mixes can be done in a number of ways. Black and white patterned flooring, black cabinets with bamboo countertops, and black backsplashes with white appliances are some fun suggestions. Carmeon Hamilton‘s freehand pattern brought this trend into her eat-in kitchen on the walls. 

2. Natural Luxe

I truly believe one of the ways to keep yourself grounded is to have some form of nature in your home. I like to do this by having wooden or straw accessories. This year, earthy has gotten an update with so many luxe options. CB2 has some of my faves, like this rattan bar, and Anthropologie always does this well.

3. Funky Bathrooms

The first stop in my big project home makeover is my bathroom! Bathrooms are having a major moment this year, and I’m taking advantage. There are so many things you can do – from bold colors to unexpected textures – and so many updates that don’t break the bank. Getting funky is mostly a cosmetic change, so allow yourself to have some fun!

4. Vintage is In

I set out to be more conscious and sustainable this year, and that isn’t a rule I’m just applying to clothes. I’ve spent hours scouring etsy, ebay, craigslist and Instagram trying to find vintage pieces to add to my home. The juxtaposition of vintage against modern is one of the most satisfying design tricks, in my opinion. And who doesn’t love to say something they own is OnE-oF-a-KiNd?

5. High Contrast

I think High Contrast is one of those trends that weaves in and out every few years. My aesthetic always makes room for it, though. Again, black and white is rising to the top of this trend and we love to see it. High contrast allows you to get as colorful as you want though – I’m thinking brightly painted doors, a standout pop of color in a monotone room, and colorful accessories to compliment. Very pop-art

6. Wallpaper Ceilings

The most unconventional (IMO) of the bunch is wallpapered ceilings, mostly because if you can reach the ceiling in the first place to get this done you are a demi-god and deserve your accolades, lol. When I first saw this trend I didn’t think it was for me, but then I realized I have a wallpaper I got for my kitchen that I’m not sure I love in there anymore. I could potentially use that paper to cover my too-white bedroom ceiling that’s about three different shades of white because my apartment building is too cheap to match when they do repairs. The wallpaper ceiling doesn’t have to be too bold, but why not make it stand out? Go big or go home.

7. Swag Lighting Has ALL Of The Swag 

I hadn’t thought about swag lighting until I moved into my current apartment. My dining area was (and soon will be again) in a corner of my living room, and I realized putting a light above the dining table would make the spaces feel separate. As a renter, I don’t have the authority to add hard-wiring anywhere but I do have a number of outlets.


As I started to do research, I realized super fashionable swag lighting comes few and far between so I’m really happy swag lighting is trending right now! That means cooler options will eventually become available, yeah?

8. Color Is the New Neutral

The colors, Duke, the colors! This year is all about color splashes! Live a little, why don’t ya? One of the most impactful ways to do this is with a bright, fun couch. 

9. Bold Pattern is Everywhere

Say it with your chest or don’t say it at all! This year is about being as bold as you want to be. Want to go extra crazy? Match your wallpaper to your bed frame to your ceiling to your…

10. Funky Rugs

One way I have never thought to jazz up my space is with a funky rug. Irregular shapes, wild colors and unexpected textures are turning our floors up a notch this year. My favorite example of this is Jade Purple Brown’s rainbow-hued Wave Rug in collaboration with Sonya Winner. If this skittles bag of fun doesn’t wake you up I don’t know what will! 

Any other 2020 home trends caught your eye? Drop them in the comments below. I’m going to make a mood board for my projects and share with you soon! Be sure to check out my lifestyle posts for updates. 

  • I love all your inspirations! I’ve been revamping my space too – That combo of nesting for spring + quarantine, lol. Excited to see how your space turns out!

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