The Search for a Vitamin C Serum

I am currently on a quest to find the magic potion that will make my acne scars disappear. If you follow me, you know that I’ve been dealing with some acne issues lately (honestly, I don’t know where TF it’s coming from at this point), and I have the battle wounds to prove it. Riddled along my cheeks are jaw are specks of struggle. So much struggle. Hyperpigmentation has taken over my face and after much research, I’ve found that a good Vitamin C serum and sunlight are the first steps to diminishing the spots. So I’ve been on the hunt!

I tried one from JASON that I picked up during a run to a natural foods store. I didn’t quite care for the consistency (it was a little thin and tacky to the touch). Then literally a week later, Dermalogica swooped in and sent me their newest Biolumin-C serum and I’ve been using it religiously since. What I’m loving most about it is the combination of Vitamin C and moisture. It feels like it’s doing double duty and I’ve been pairing with it with other Dermalogica products (I use their precleanse face wash, daily superfoliant, and phyto replenish oil) and I’m seeing some great results. My skin is plump and refreshed, and my scars don’t appear to be as dark as they were before. I wish I’d taken before pics (I’m a terrible blogger, lol) but I think it’s actually working!

In sharing my acne woes on Instagram, I’m realizing I’m not the only one dealing with this. A number of you ladies have shared experiences with hormonal shifts as you hit new decades of life. Some shared their stress-induced flare up tales. Some of you think it was me going vegan because you’ve had the same experience. Thank you for taking the time to share your stories with me – we are all in this together!

What are some of your remedies for acne scarring and hyperpigmentation? 

I would love to hear your favorite products (specifically a Vitamin C serum if you have one), and I’m open to old wives cures LOL. Drop them in the comments below!

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