#SeaOfHair Indique Bounce Organic Curl Review
Indique’s Bounce Organic Curl is one of the best things to happen to my hair, and I’m not exaggerating. See, I have not had a hair weave in about ten years. TEN YEARS! I’ve been natural for six, and haven’t had a desire to go to a weave as a protective hairstyle – for some reason, I’d much rather get braids or buy a wig (after getting my weave installed, I remembered why I don’t like weaves. They hurt my tender little scalp!). 
As a natural haired woman, I’ve always been so nervous about my hair texture blending with the hair that I’ve installed. Indique’s Bounce Organic Curl is the closest extension I’ve seen match my natural curls, which is SO exciting. Unlike the wig, which gets a bit cumbersome when you’re trying to stick to a fitness regimen (I would have to take my wig off at the gym and put on a scarf. It was the worst), I can wash my hair like I would regularly.

The best thing about this hair? It can be manipulated and styled anyway I want. I currently have them in wand curls and pinned to the side and since installing, I’ve done twist outs and a braid out. And when I’m ready, I can just wash and condition my Bounce Organic Curl extensions and they return to their original curl pattern. Magical.

Have any of you tried Bounce Organic Curl? I’d love to see if your experience were different from mine! You can purchase the Bounce Organic Curl bundles from Indique here


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