5 Ways to Get in Touch with your Inner Child

Back in September, I sat on the rooftop of a mansion in LES during New York Fashion Week and bawled my eyes out. I’d had a spiritual reading in the middle of a fashion party, and this told me my ancestors were protecting me and my inner child was trying to get in touch with me as drinks were being passed and music blared. I drowned out the sounds as she earnestly stared at me, touched my arm, and told me I was safe. I’d just met this reader, but she looked at me intensely as if she had an urgent message to deliver to me. I never forgot the energy I felt as she lightly handed me a tissue to dry my tears. I let the light breeze of the evening do the job instead. 

Since then, I’ve had a number of readings deliver me a similar message. Whether it was a general horoscope, a personal tarot pluck, or a sermon I watched. My inner child wants to move to the forefront. In general, I have been feeling rather detached from creativity and burdened by worry and doubt, so I knew this work was important for me to do. 

At the beginning of this Stay-in-Place order, I was determined to do what I could to actually get in touch with the inner child that I was being told wanted to be received. I had no idea how to go about it, so I did some research. What I’m sharing below is what resonated with me the most. 

Write a Letter to your Inner Child.

The first step is acknowledging your Inner Child. Use this opportunity to write to your younger self. Reassure your younger self, tell them that they are safe. All of the things you needed as a child, now is the time to say it. This is also a good time to really sit and think about how you felt then. Is young Inner Child afraid? Playful? Lean into whichever direction comes up.

Change Your Environment.

Remember those posters of N*Sync and B2K you had plastered all over your walls? Print those out and frame a couple (or maybe make an old pic your wallpaper on your phone). Look through some old family photos and stick a couple on your fridge or mirror. One of my favorite things to do is make a tent! I used to have a bed tent growing up and it was the one place that always made me feel safe, so I’ve always loved the idea of a pitching a tent in my living room. Bring things around you that tap into feelings of comfort, safety, and fun!

Move, move, move!

Do you remember running around in circles until you passed out as a kid? Let’s get into that. Put on some music and daaaance. Jump on the bed, or better yet get a trampoline from Amazon (and yes, you can buy a single person trampoline for my apartment dwellers). I actually put on some music last weekend and danced while I jumped on my couch! It was awesome, lol.

Don’t Suppress Your Feelings.

One thing I’m trying to be more conscious of is not suppressing my emotions. If someone has hurt my feelings, I allow myself to feel it (and then I double-down and communicate to them). If I’m feeling insecure about something, it’s okay. If something feels toxic and I want to protect my energy, I will do it. Allow yourself to express and experience a full-range of emotions. She will thank you.

Creativity is Key.

The first thing I did when I realized I was going to be locked in the house for a while was get some art supplies. I also made sure all of the pens I had for my iPad worked. Painting, coloring (this is my favorite adult coloring book), and drawing is one of the easiest ways to tap into your inner child.

Do you have any tips or methods that work for you? Please share below in the comments. 

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