Sonder New Orleans Review

When looking for a place to stay in New Orleans, Sonder has become my go-to. NOLA is one of my favorite places in the world, so when I visit my stays are usually extended. What better way to stay than to live like a local?

One of the most attractive things about Sonder apartments is the amount of  s p a c e. Most of the Sonder rentals I’ve stayed in have been multiple-bedrooms, but even the one bedroom apartments have full kitchens and bathrooms. As someone who really treasures personal space, I love the idea of paying the same amount as I would at a hotel for two or three times the square footage.

During our Essence Festival trip, we split our stay between two Sonder rentals – I considered one the turn up and one the turn down. They were in the same building but the vibes were SO different.  My other favorite thing about Sonder is the interior design, and the aesthetics of each of these rentals made them real gems in their own rights. 

Our first apartment was a rooftop beauty with 2 bedrooms, where I hosted friends for the 4th of July (note: Sonder doesn’t allow parties!), had my crew over and made brunch in our huge kitchen, burned incense, played jazz, and danced in the living room, and flung clothes around our walk-in closets as we frantically changed in-between parties. We watched the fireworks from our rooftop, and pulled tarot cards in the kitchen while rain hit the panes. This apartment became our home, and we filled it with laughs and energy that made memories to last a lifetime. This apartment has so much space, I think it’d be perfect for a group of friends for Essence Festival (Girls Trip 2? haha), Mardi Gras, or a bachelorette weekend.

Our second apartment was the headliner space in New Orleans that graces the Sonder homepage. It’s been my dream NOLA vacation spot since I discovered Sonder last year, but it’s always booked (with great reason!). By some insane stroke of luck, it was available for us to stay a couple of nights. This apartment is stark in contrast to the rooftop spot, with decor that is ethnic and earthy, and a coziness to it that envelopes you. This space feels like snuggling under a blanket with a glass of bourbon, whereas the rooftop space is a minty sorbet. Different flavors, both delicious.

What I love most about this apartment (outside of the decor that speaks so much to my personal aesthetic it hurts), are the functioning balconies which capture the true essence of New Orleans. Overlooking St. Charles, you can stand on the balcony under the balmy palms and watch the streetcar roll by and people strolling off of Canal Street. This place really felt like home. 

Overall, I can’t say enough about Sonder. As I’ve traveled more and more, I’ve found many alternatives to hotels but Sonder is unmatched. Where most other spots feel sterile and cold, Sonder has managed to create a familiar warmth and homes away from home. Whenever I make travel plans, my first instinct is to check the Sonder website to see if they’re offered in that city. That’s how much I believe in them. 10 out of 10 recommend. 


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