Monday Musings

Can you believe summer crept up on us like this? As the weeks go by, I’m feeling more and more attacked. 2019 is smacking us in the face! Soon we’ll be in 2020 living a true Jetsons dream. Until then, here are some interesting things that happened this week – every week.

COLORED BRAIDS INSPIRED BY OUR QUEEN, OF COURSE. I recently got braids, because what black girl is dealing with their natural hair in THIS heat? RiRi is already on the wave and rocking some red box braids that reminds me a little bit of her “Loud” album days. I love a 1B more than the next girl, don’t get me wrong, but the hue is such a vibe for the summer. In other news, how did we feel about the Fenty launch?

“WHEN THEY SEE US” REMAINS UNSEEN BY ME. Since its release on Netflix, Ava Duvernay’s “When They See Us” has been at the top of everyone’s discussion list. But as a Black person specifically from NYC (and I used to work in the area this all happened), the movie is incredibly hard to watch. Black suffering is never something I like to delve into because Black people are so much more than the pain that is outwardly presented to the world. However, black bodies are still seen as a threat and now is the time to put these disparities in the faces of those who don’t have to think twice about it. Maybe I’ll bring myself to watch it soon.

THE LAST BLACK MAN IN SAN FRANCISCO? On a different side of the spectrum of Blackness in America, an indie film about how Black men view their masculinity and gentrification called The Last Black Man In San Francisco is out. I’m really intrigued by this film because it discusses friendship and support between Black men and how gentrification in San Fran affects them. Not to mention, the leading characters lead lives as caregivers and artists, a narrative I haven’t seen in – well – ever. To get a view inside the nuances of Black men and their vulnerability outside of the justice system says volumes and it’s a refreshing film that I can’t wait to take in. Check out showtimes here

DONATE THOSES INTIMATES AND SWIMSUITS. I tend to get free things in this line of work and I do my best to never take it for granted, so I donate clothes that could serve someone beyond myself. I love the fact that Glamour wrote an article on How to Donate and Recycle Old Bras, Lingerie, and Swimsuits because if you’ve ever shopped a day in your life, you know these items don’t come cheap for everyone. The article offers a bunch of helpful places to donate and/or recycle bras and swimwear that also help female trafficking survivors in parts of Central America and Africa.

GLOW RECIPE 60% OFF SALE?! What’s my summer 2019 #Mood? Glow Recipe Glow All Out Sale offering up to 60% off all it’s K Beauty skincare since the brand is moving into creating more of its own Glow Recipe products! The Pink Juice moisturizer and Watermelon mist are two of my favorite medicine cabinet staples right now. They smell amazing, they are all-natural products, and they work

BEYONCE + DONALD GLOVER + DISNEY BALLADS = FIRE. Speaking of amazing, Disney (and Beyoncé) finally revealed more of what’s to come from the live action film of The Lion King. The new trailer gave everyone a (long-awaited) snippet of Bey and Donald Glover’s rendition of “Can You Feel The Love Tonight”and it’s already such a powerful tune that has me ready for the premiere. 

  • I feel exactly the same way about not having seen When They See Us yet. I will get to it but it’s definitely something I have to work up to.

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