New Power Color: Red

I’m not quite sure when it happened, but red has become my power color. It’s overtaken my wardrobe, my home, and my instagram feed! A very subconscious shift, it started with my first Gucci purchase – my red Soho disco bag was a symbol of independence and success, and I wanted to commemorate my free-feeling with a powerful pop of color. Then slowly I started buying earrings and shoes, then headwraps. Before I knew it, I’d built a heavy arsenal of red accessories that made subtle yet fiery additions to my outfits.

Then came my couch. I’d gone from a pretty petite green velvet couch to a huge, red couch that grounded the room. I didn’t realize until I’d started writing this sentence that this couch symbolized a moment of planting. With this big red couch I was grounding myself in my space, but in a way that made a statement. It came as I was transitioning into a place where I wanted my home to feel functional and usable instead of aesthetically-pleasing. This red couch was a big deal.

When I go on a first date, I always reach for a red lipstick. It’s subtle but makes me feel like I’m in control. When I do interviews, I always grab it. What I hadn’t consciously realized is red had become my instinct when I want to feel powerful. When I need to feel like I got this. When I need to share with the world that your girl has it together without having to say a word.

Red is associated with love and passion. Red is assertive and daring. It’s the color of determination. Red represents courage and bravery. Red is confidence. I am red right now, and I’m standing firmly in it. 

What’s your power color?


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