Celebrate Women.

International Women’s Day is one of those “holidays” that seems to have appeared out of nowhere but has grown bigger and bigger each year. But what does it actually mean? I see consumerism starting to trickle in and it startles me; how can you capitalize off something that seems so simple, something that should be so inherent to you? Celebrating the women that are helping carry you everyday. But I guess this is how some people feel about Valentine’s Day, huh?

This year, I’m choosing to celebrate Womanhood in its many forms. In that I’ve really had to sit with myself and ask:

What does Womanhood mean to me? 

For so long, Womanhood meant nurturing and supporting those around me in what felt like an appeasing way. It often meant forgoing my personal feelings and needs to make sure people within my vicinity were happy. In 2017, something clicked and I decided Womanhood meant making sure I was happy first. I think I realized I couldn’t fully support someone else if I weren’t wholly supporting myself. Womanhood became tuning into my spirit. Womanhood became aligning my thoughts. Womanhood became fulfilling my needs, and it also became accepting my faults. 

Womanhood ultimately became getting real with myself. 

Within this reality, I connected with my tribe more than I ever have before (and many of these women I’ve known for half my life). Womanhood became being a better friend. Friendship became knowing when your friend just needs you to sit in silence with her. Friendship became arguments, and with those arguments came emotional maturity and growth. 

Womanhood has become selflessness, but in the best way. 

Womanhood comes with self-doubt. It also comes with critique. But what Womanhood has taught me most is to push through when I feel my least. Womanhood is love. Womanhood is self-investment. And most of all, Womanhood is peace.

Who are you celebrating this International Women’s Day? Whomever it is, I hope you’re also taking time to celebrate yourself. You deserve every bit of it. 

With much love, 

Photo by Trevon James

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