Ugly Christmas Sweater But Make It Fashion

Ugly Christmas Sweater But Make It Fashion

Raise your hand if you’ve been invited to an Ugly Christmas Sweater party!  *raises hand* Without fail, as soon as December 1st hits the invites to ugly  Christmas sweater parties roll in and I scramble to find one that is as much ridiculous as parts fashion. This year, I figured I’d set ugly Christmas sweater season off with tips to make them more bearable since cute ones are hard to come by (and honestly, it’s an ugly sweater for a reason!).

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Tip 1: Sequins. All Sequins.

What’s the holidays without sequins? I paired this cheesy Christmas sweater with a beautiful reverse sequin skirt because if I’m going to go all out, I want to stand out amirite? A sequin skirt makes this dressy and fun, and will definitely be a conversation starter.

Tip 2: Kill The Shoe Game.

The other way I like to dress up my ugly Christmas sweater is to wear jeans and a killer shoe. Sock boots are always a win (if you’re in the colder regions like I am). Also, think festive bows, glitter, velvet, etc. 

Ugly Christmas Sweater Plus Size 3

Tip 3: Accessorize.

When in doubt, accessorize! Stunning earrings and beautiful bags make literally anything feel fancy, ugly sweaters are no exception. 

Images by Lydia Hudgens