How To Keep Skin Moisturized in Between Seasons

This season with it’s on again-off again warm weather has wreaked havoc on my skin! The combination of my face looking sallow and being dried out has been a nightmare. Add on a layer of New York City apartment heat and it’s a recipe for disaster. Two weeks ago I hit peak-weird skin, and as I started to panic I remembered I had product from Olay in my medicine cabinet. The Olay Luminous Whip literally saved my face.

 The lightweight formula is perfect for right out of the shower. My skin instantly absorbs all of the moisture, and the product goes on matte so it doesn’t slide around like moisturizers often do fresh from the bath. I’ve been using it for two weeks religiously and there’s a noticeable difference in how my skin bounces back. And it’s soft again!

Interested in other ways I’ve used Olay Luminous Whip?

1. As a Primer: I’ve never been one to use primers, but I’ve been testing out a couple of brands lately because I will be battling oily-summer-face soon. I added Olay Luminous Whips to the rotation once I noticed how matte it was. It is easily becoming one of my favorite “primers” because it both moisturizes my face and adheres to my makeup. My foundation and concealer do. not. budge. when I use this!

2. As a Spot Treatment: While my sebum has been in overdrive making me super oily, the skin around my eyes has been really dry. Is it from laughing or from not sleeping? Who knows. Either way, I have been dabbing Olay Luminous Whip around my eyes at night and it’s making a pretty noticeable difference.

Lately, I’ve gotten tons of compliments on my skin and I owe it to Olay Luminous Whip. It’s been evening out my skin tone (remember my Christmas #acnegate?) which has been such a blessing. My skin tends to get splotchy around this time of year because there’s not a ton of sunlight. Olay Ahold Luminance Whip helps!

olay luminous whip

Ready to try Olay Ahold Luminance Whip for yourself? You can get your own Olay Whips from Stop and Shop here:

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