What Moves You?

Admittedly, I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately. I was experiencing somewhat of a creative block and I’ve finally crawled my way out of it. Being a creator is both a gift and a curse in that we have freedom but we sometimes get in our own way. I tend to overthink things, so I sat with myself and really thought about “what moves you?”. What inspires me? And the answer is pretty simple…it’s me. I’m inspired by where I’m from and the people around me. New York City is a breeding ground for art and love, and I simply just needed to look outside my window. And that I did.

Easy Spirit Crellin Comfortable Suede Mule 5-2 I threw on my new pair of mules from Easy Spirit, grabbed my film camera (another source of my newfound inspiration) and took a trip to Harlem. Though Harlem isn’t what it was when I was growing up, there’s still something crisp and brisk about it. New families pushing new strollers into cafes, couples with coffee gliding down the street, and droves of kids with backpacks showing each other memes and their latest Wakanda kicks. Harlem is still alive and bustling, and so am I.

Easy Spirit Crellin Comfortable Suede Mule 3-2I’m writing all of this to say don’t give up on yourself. Whenever self-doubt starts to creep in, think about WHAT MOVES YOU. What inspires you? What keeps you going? Tap into that and keep it moving. Your creativity will thank you later!

My Instagram post for the product is sponsored, but my blog post is not. Just wanted to share how I’ve been feeling this week.

Photos by M Jones Imaging

  • Juliette Mitchell

    This was good and uplifting a bit. This month has been challenging. But this – and #wakandaforever – lifted me up a bit.

    • I’m glad you found some comfort in it, Juliette. Black Panther made up for any and everything bad this month!

  • cindyetta

    I live in harlem too – what shop are you standing in front of? I don’t recognize it.

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