How to Dry Natural Hair Quickly

It’s New York Fashion Week and madness ensues. It’s a week-long mad dash to opposite ends of the earth with little to no breaks in between. Though my hair is short, I’m still trying to figure out how to dry natural hair quickly. Luckily I was sent this Aquis hair turban about a week ago and I threw it in my bag before toting off to NOMO Soho for the weekend so I could be closer to the shows.

I’m usually a “plopper” (wrap my hair in a towel or t-shirt and “plop” it on my head while I get the rest of my life together), and the Aquis hair turban is just a polished version of that. With their technology there’s zero frizz when I use it, and that’s hard to come by with my hair texture. When I first cut my hair, I found one way to stop the dripping was to put gel in it immediately. My hair would never ever dry. Touch my hair and it’s still wet 8 hours later!

Some Tips for How to Dry Natural Hair Quickly:

1. Apply product first, then dry. I recommend using the LOC method by applying oil and then product (you can see my Sheamoisture reviews here, I love them) OR apply gel (I love Ecostyler for this!). Once it’s massaged into your hair, I recommend a quick blast with a hair dryer. I know people don’t usually recommend heat on natural hair, but I find putting the product in first and then applying a quick blast of heat holds the curl and helps with the drying process.

2. Do NOT twist your hair. When hair is twisted, a lot of it is not being hit with fresh air. It will so long to dry, and sometimes if it doesn’t dry fast enough the product in your hair will get weird. I like just putting product in and letting it do it’s thing.

3. Invest in a good towel turban. I’ve been natural for 10 years, and while t-shirt and makeshift towel plopping has worked there’s nothing like a towel made to do this one specific job. Which is why I recommend Aquis, more specifically their Waffle Luxe Hair Turban because it’s made for thicker, coarser hair. It doesn’t strip my hair of moisture and I don’t have any frizz when I take it off. Then I throw some product in my hair and I’m out!

Have any tips and tricks for how to dry natural hair quickly? Please share in the comments 🙂 Each one, teach one! haha


*My Instagram post for this partnership is sponsored, but I wanted to share my experience in a blog post as well because I really love this product. All opinions are my own!*

  • My hair is basically a buzz cut, but I will have to share this for my black friends who do have natural hair. Thanks you for such an awesome and educational post.

    • no problem! i have a short cut as well and these tips still work for me!

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