Tales of the Plus Size Fur Coat

When I were younger, fur coats meant opulence. My grandmother – the diva she is – wore them often. I watched thugs emerge from luxury vehicles with their furs and timberlands every winter. I was only allowed to wear fur when we went to Broadway shows during my holidays (more specifically, Alvin Ailey). I remember flipping through magazines and reading books from generations before me, donning their chicest to church and on Saturday evenings. Fur, to me, was a sign that good things were happening;  money was being made, appearances were up, and we were going to do something (faux) fancy forreal.

So now in my adult life, fur coats are a big deal.I wear them to go to parties. I wear them to business meetings. I wear them to Target. I even wear them to run to the bodega for a sandwich. Because in my mind, NYC winters and fur coats go hand in hand. Luckily, we’re in a time where you don’t have to buy the real thing and there’s an abundance of options, colors and cuts.

Below are some of my favorite places to shop for a plus size fur coat, in particular:






Full Beauty



And here are some of my specific faves from those shops:

Do you have anywhere specific you like to shop for faux fur coats? Do furs hold any significance for you like they do for me?

  • I love faux fur coats, and I have debating myself on buying such a luxury item. Although, faux fur has been all over the fashion blogs this season. I especially love this one you are wearing Kelly. The one thing I love about your style that you have items that brings a unique spin on your outfits like those fab striped boots in your Winter Blues post, or this coat. I haven’t a faux fur coat like this before and I LOVE it! Thanks so much for posting another fantastic post, Kelly!

    • Hi Gigi, thank you so much!! An easy way to get the look without hurting your wallet is to do faux fur! xo