For the Love of Pearl (Accessories)

I’m not sure what it is about Valentine’s Day that reminds me of pearl accessories. Maybe it’s my association of demureness and femininity with the “holiday”. And when I think of the concept of self-love and self-appreciation, pearls always come to mind – likely because of their “treat yoself” feel. They also remind me of my mother; she always instilled in me a love for pearl accessories and growing up owning my own pair of pearl earrings and a pearl necklace were big deals. I actually wore pearls through all of high school, and took my first real pair with me when I tote off to Cornell University for a business school program during my junior year.
All in all, pearl accessories symbolize respect, class and dignity to me so I try to incorporate them into my wardrobe as much as I can. But of course, I like to jazz things up, so I found some cooler, much more unique pearl accessories you can grab for next to nothing.
See above to shop my favorite pearl accessories, all from one of my favorite shops – ASOS!

  • Over the years, I have a love for accessories. I have become addicted to costume jewelry, and I love put on a strand of pearls or beads period and it makes me feel so elegant. So I totally agree! By the way, I love that blouse, the pattern is simply fantastic.

    • I have to stop myself from buying so much costume jewelry sometimes, haha. Thanks, Gigi!

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