William Rast Plus Size at Macy’s

William Rast Plus Size at Macy’s

So, I recently packed up and headed out to the left coast for a week. Naturally, I threw some William Rast in my bag to channel my western vibrations. This brand I found at Macy’s speaks a lot to my polished casual vibe, and I paired this jacket with my bestie’s vintage luggage and a chill hat for a cool look to head to brunch in. Also, these jeans are ridiculously comfy and have lots of stretch so these are a given for a day of relaxing.  

William Rast Plus Size

Okay so truth be told – while in LA, most people go out and party. But my best friend and I just sat in her house and watched music videos! We fell asleep watching Justin Timberlake videos (I’m not ashamed, haha). When I told her I had some pieces in my suitcase from his collection, she didn’t believe me! Yes, William Rast comes in plus sizes! Want to shop it for yourself? Click below:         

William Rast Plus Size William Rast Plus SizeWilliam Rast Plus SizeWant to check out William Rast for yourself? Visit their homepage on Macys.com.This post is sponsored by Macy’s and ShopStyle. All opinions are my own!