Strapless Bra for Big Busts

Strapless Bra for Big Busts

One of the most asked questions I get on both the blog and Instagram is “where is the best place to get a strapless bra for big busts?”. This summer with all of the trends being off-the-shoulder, I had to really dig and do some research to find the best strapless bras for my 36K bust (yeah I know). This wasn’t an easy task, by any means, but it has been done! My two favorite brands:

Curvy Kate Luxe Strapless Bra

The Curvy Kate Luxe Strapless Bra is my favorite, hands down. Aside from the support it gives, it is insanely soft. And most strapless bras that come in extended sizes usually have a ton of boning that gets painful after a while (which is understandable because #heavyboobs), but this one still provides support while being comfortable. I don’t feel trapped in the Curvy Kate Luxe Strapless Bra, which says a lot. This is my top rated, hands down, and I love that it goes up to a J cup. Much appreciated.

I sized up to the sister size, 38J, since this bra is not available in my usual 36K and it’s totally fine!

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Lane Bryant Multi-Way Strapless Bra

My second favorite strapless bra for big busts is from Lane Bryant. This bra feels a lot more like a corset than the Curvy Kate bra. As mentioned, this has boning and the cups themselves are stiff – though plush, I will give them that credit. This strapless definitely gets the job done in terms of support. It also comes with straps so it’s convertible. I always make sure to pick up one of these during the Cacique Semi-Annual Sale, especially because it goes up to an H cup!

What are some of your favorite brands to shop for a strapless bra if you have a bigger bust?

  • Hum ik I ask all the time and never tell you where I go. lol I wear a uk 36kk or I will size up to a38k. Why haven’t I seen the strapless Curvy Kate lol and I have a few Curvy Kate bras! I can say that Simply Be does a great job with their bra selection. Strapless wise I can if I don’t do anything suddenly get into a wider band highest cup size in that staples and wireless bras. I do like a 44h or g. Very budget friendly because being up high up and very supported is not good all the time lol

    • SimplyBe is one of my favorite places to go for undergarments, period! They carry the Curvy Kate strapless! How in the world do you go from a 38 to a 44?! lol

      • lol I am actually a 36 lol But see its weird how it works out. The band is fine because I overfill in the cup area.I will hook it on the first row of hooks and adjust the straps, then im supported. I am not saying it is perfect but for wireless bras it works out. lol Its a trail and area thing. I only do it for those types because wearing Elomi and Curvy Kate all day commuting in the city is brutal lol Oh and why didnt I see this at simply be! been shopping for years. I think I had bought some from Evans ( curvy kate is always on sale there) and never looked. Im on it.! I am so grateful for your feedback lol

        • the struggle is real! haha you’re welcome, I hope it helps!! xo

  • LordyB

    What is this beautiful kimono though?!

  • The wonderful thing about a strapless bra is the versatility it offers you, as all strapless bra styles come with detachable straps.