Anthropologie Plus Size?

Anthropologie Plus Size?

One fine Saturday afternoon after consulting with a client, I was waltzing down Fifth Avenue and I stumbled into Anthropologie. I usually go in Anthro for knick knacks for my house (they have the best candles and housewares) or a piece of jewelry. I perused the sale section and grabbed some pens, a cute notebook and some plates…but then something caught me from the corner of my eye. Lots of prints and textures in billowy fabrics hanging on a sale rack.

So I said eh, whatever. Let me just humor myself and try these on.

Lo and behold, I was standing in Anthropologie plus size and all, wearing a jumpsuit WITH ROOM. I was stunned! So I tried on about six more pieces and they all fit and I was ecstatic. I’d NEVER thought to come into Anthropologie and find clothes that actually worked for me. As IĀ always say, shopping is mind over matter. You just have to go into the store with an open mind and some patience.

Anthropologie Plus Size

Now in full disclosure, I’m a size 18/20 and an hourglass shape. I tried on pieces from the three brands below, so I know the material and I know they work for me and my body type.

Shop these Anthropologie Plus Size options below

Moulinette Soeurs

Eri + Ali

Akemi + Kin

Do you shop at Anthropologie? What are some of your favorite brands from Anthro?


  • Yes! I love this on you !!!!!This is the one I picked up. I’m the same size and shape as you ( not as perfectly) and I have been wearing Anthropologie for years. I just used my bday coupon and got a few jumpsuits. Most of my dishes are from there lol. So glad there’s others my size who don’t look at me like I’m crazy when I say the dress I’m wearing atm(it’s from two summers ago) is from Anthropologie. BTW what strapless bra are you using! I have a hard time finding them in my size.

  • I love that jumpsuit and really now makes me want to check out Anthropologie for the first time. Also, can I rave about the glasses. Those glasses are on fleek.

  • Mary Moffat Johansson

    Who made the jumpsuit! It’s fantastic!