Summer Jumpsuit | Gwynnie Bee

Summer Jumpsuit | Gwynnie Bee

A good summer jumpsuit is hard to come by, especially plus size. You want something that is obviously lightweight, but also one that is easy to get in and out of since you’ll be going from work to rooftop to home making dinner (I assume you’re like me). I personally can’t stand to do a dance in the bathroom while I fuss with back zips and buttons, which is why I love this City Chic jumpsuit I got via Gwynnie Bee. With a quick pull of the necktie I’m out of it and on to the next.

I’m usually apprehensive when it comes to summer jumpsuits, so I took this one for a joy ride. We went to a party for a couple of hours, walked across town to Central Park to take in the sights, and then walked across town to dinner. Afterwards we walked some more to go food shopping, all the while consuming lots of lots of beverages (read: wine, margaritas, and coffee) so there was plenty of opportunity to test out this jumpsuit…and it worked.

Plus Size Jumpsuit City Chic Gwynnie BeeI got this jumpsuit from a Gwynnie Bee delivery, I believe it was last summer. I loved the fit and I loved the material but didn’t have an immediate occasion for it, so I bought it instead of borrowing. I knew I wanted to have this in my closet arsenal, I just didn’t know when I’d have an opportunity to wear it. Celebrating Bastille Day with FI:AF in midtown today called for a navy jumpsuit!

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  • Juliette Mitchell

    Go ‘head! Love a wide leg jumpsuit and you always work it in the hat! Girl, just do it! I always enjoy seeing your posts.