What is Megababe Thigh Rescue? A Review.

Megababe, what are you and where can I get some?

Earlier this summer, my girl Katie Sturino of The 12ish Style launched Megababe with one banging product that I swear by – the Megababe Thigh Rescue. This chafe protection bar is the stuff dreams are made of, the chub-rub solution I’ve been waiting for (no lie) my entire life.

Summer in NYC is brutal – it’s humid, it’s sticky, and it smells weird – honestly, it’s not my favorite season here. Add to that a lifetime of thigh rubs and you’ve got a recipe for very painful thigh rashes (and burns, ick!). I’ve pretty much resigned myself to wearing shorts under skirts and dresses no matter the degree outside, and (yes this is very ridiculous) jeans in the dead of summer. Imagine wearing actual effing dungarees in the weather I just described. It’s a pretty miserable time, but I’ve accepted my fate as a woman with thighs that love one another a little too much. Every now and then when I’m feeling brave I go out without the shorts and all hell breaks loose.

Old-school solutions for chub-rub/anti-chafing include vaseline, baby powder, deodorant and….vaginal cream. Yes, monistat. No you are not wrong, yes I just said monistat.

Vaseline gets gross carrying it around all day and I’m not really into schmearing globs of goo in between my legs more than once a day, baby powder is messy and always eventually explodes in my bag, deodorant starts to get chalky and super flaky when mixed with sweat and monistat is just monistat and I don’t want to carry it in my purse (even though they did get hip to the plus-size struggle and created an anti-chafe solution of their own, but still no thanks). So when I saw Katie announce she was coming out with Megababe I bought it without knowing jack sh*t about it because all of the solutions so far have been a wash.

…and I’m so glad I trusted my instincts. I am OBSESSED with Megababe.

Not only the branding (hello, retro) but the Thigh Rescue bar is INSANE. It glides smoothly, there’s no flaking, it has Vitamin E so my skin stays soft, it smells divine and its non-toxic. Katie is in this world so she knows all about what we go through when it comes to chafing, I had no doubt this was going to be a good product. Where I’d usually have to apply some gobblygoop to my legs at least three times a day, I’m not even reaching for Megababe twice. It stays where it’s applied and it lasts. Megababe Thigh Rescue is legit, I’m never looking back. Bring on the shorts and flowing dresses!

Big hugs to Katie for launching an awesome line of solutions for the ladies, can’t wait to see what’s next.

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