Hit ‘Em With The Shoulder

Hit ‘Em With The Shoulder

Unbeknownst to many, I went through a tomboy phase during the Fall. I refused to wear dresses unless they were oversized or shapeless, and I barely wore color. I hated prints and my everyday wardrobe consisted of black and denim. But with Spring comes the blossoming of new things, and my love for ruffles has sprung.

Up until this year, I wasn’t very comfortable wearing my shoulders out. My breasts are very heavy which leads to two issues – I’ve never been able to find a strapless bra that fits me comfortably and I have bruising on my shoulders from bra strap pressure. But this year I decided to say “f*ck it” because it’s too hot and there’s too many cute tops and dresses out here for me to be self-conscious.

Styling Tip: Compliment one accent with the same somewhere else, as long as they’re the same size. I chose to pair this ruffled top with a ruffled pant and a bow-accent shoe (which is still in the same feminine family). They are all oversized and dramatic which makes this outfit feel balanced!


  • Mary Moffat Johansson

    Kelly I have the same issues with the bras and boobs- what did you decide to do? Did you find a strapless or go commando?!

    • Kelly Augustine

      LOL I could NEVER go commando! I am wearing a strapless bra from lane bryant! http://bit.ly/2rwLW6P