While We Were Young

While We Were Young

Fridays have become the new Saturday for me since going part time at work, so Tineey and I are building a Friday brunch/early dinner tradition. For our inaugural dinner, we chose While We Were Young because we’ve been seeing it all over Instagram and we knew it was somewhere we needed to see for ourselves. So much pink! Omg rose petals! Instagram dream.

Now let’s talk about burrata (pictured above). I’m very particular about it, and I was pretty skeptical when the tiny bulb came out. What is unassuming in size is definitely compensated in taste – this cheese was a real treat. The candied meyer lemon and blood orange give it a sweet tartness that gives off 94589985 flavor profiles.

While We Were Young‘s bartenders are young hot thangs, likely from the Midwest. This young strapping bald fella got uber excited when Future and The Weeknd came on, really driving home that he was cool. I dig.

…but also, look at this place? Seriously, how is it possible to be this beautiful? The sunlight pouring through the windows fills this tiny space to the brim.Okay so, let’s chat about this fried chicken and kale combo. Chicken and waffles is my favorite food, so I’m very particular about how it’s prepared. I’m not a huge fan of the kale waffle (because really, what is the reason for it?) but the chicken was perfectly crisp on the outside and juicy on the inside. The hot sauce didn’t taste like much (but again, I’m particular), but the maple syrup was not too sweet which I loved.While-We-Were-Young-NYC-Greenwich-Village-6So how is the dessert at While We Were Young? Mm, I could have done without it. My key lime pie didn’t taste like too much of anything. But the COCKTAILS?! Divine. Like I would come back just for a few rounds of them. Speaking of sitting and chilling here, note that space is very limited and the space they do have is very tight. I look happy in this photo but I was gasping for air, LOL.While-We-Were-Young-NYC-Greenwich-Village-1Overall, While We Were Young is definitely a hot spot that you have to try just to say you did it. Want to grab a cute drink with some girlfriends before a night out? Do it. Would I go back? Absolutely. Would I try to have an intimate, comfortable dinner here? Likely not. Either way, go see it for yourself!

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    I love this post so much! I definitely need to try this place out. Your hair and photography looks amazing too:)