NYDJ Try-On Party #FitIsEverything

NYDJ Try-On Party #FitIsEverything

Shopping for denim is the bane of almost every woman’s existence. I don’t know a single lady that enjoys it. So when NYDJ contacted me to host a denim try-on party for their #FitIsEverything campaign, I was totally in. When I got married I didn’t want to deal with the stress of being plus-size and going to boutiques and not fitting anything, I ended up having friends over my grandmother’s house to try on gowns I ordered online. So I knew how important it was to host some of my faves to try on jeans. We’d have so much fun, blast some bangin’ music, and we’d be comfortable enough to not feel bad if the denim didn’t fit.

…and boy was I right.NYDJ-denim-Fit Is Everything-30NYDJ-denim-Fit Is Everything-04NYDJ-denim-Fit Is Everything-16I invited three of my good girlfriends and my grandmother (who is one of the most fabulous women I know!) to a loft and guaranteed a good time on a brisk Saturday afternoon. We sipped wine and blasted Beyonce while trying on NYDJ jeans in our white shirts. I also explained to the ladies why this was so important to me – NYDJ is by far one of my favorite denim brands (I can count the number of brands I wear on one hand) and they are launching an initiative that is dear to my heart. They have partnered with Clothes4Souls for ALL of 2017. For the rest of March, when you purchase jeans on NYDJ.com they will donate a garment to a woman in need. AND throughout the rest of year, they will donate for every pair tried on during their National Fit Tour and various other promotions. Who could say no to that?

Pictured below are my friends Tineey, Stephanie, Nana and my beautiful grandmother in NYDJ’s latest cuts of denim – Alina Ankle in Sure Stretched Denim with Released Hem and Ami Skinny Legging in Sure Stretch Denim, Mabel.

I will say they were all a bit skeptical at first – Tineey in particular has struggled with finding denim for years (I’ve watched it happen!), and I haven’t seen my grandma wear a nice pair of denim in forever…but they were all SO happy with their jeans!

NYDJ-denim-Fit Is Everything-09Tineey – “Wait these are so comfortable and lightweight, I feel like I can lounge and sleep in them.”NYDJ-denim-Fit Is Everything-06Stephanie – “These are so soft! It feels almost like I’m wearing nothing, in a good way.”NYDJ-denim-Fit Is Everything-13NYDJ-denim-Fit Is Everything-12Nana – “These are SUPER comfortable and make my booty look good!”NYDJ-denim-Fit Is Everything-08NYDJ-denim-Fit Is Everything-07Grandma – “I haven’t worn a great pair of jeans in YEARS, these are AMAZING! I feel like they were made for me!”

Want to get in on the fun? Keep your eyes peeled for NYDJ’s National Fit Tour or head to NYDJ.com to grab a pair. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

  • Juliette Mitchell

    Yay for Grand Grandma! I love you sharing about your family – it is so beautiful! Give her a hug for me!