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As I stumbled into Zara on NYC’s Fifth Avenue the other day after a photoshoot for work, I was mentally prepared to get shoes/jewelry (the usual as a plus size girl). As I peeled through the racks, I found an item that was a size XXL. And in the next rack? A XXL. The rack after that? You guessed it, a XXL. I quickly began to realize that my dreams were coming true – Zara was starting to expand their size range for both their Women‘s and TRF collections.

Shirt: Zara | Jeans: NYDJ | Bag: random | Shoes: Zara | Earrings: H&M | Watch: Catherines

This is major for a shopper like myself – I am in the size 14 to 18 range, so some of the big fast fashion retailers actually have pieces that I can wear. But a lot of times my heart gets broken when I fall in love with something and it just doesn’t quite fit. Now I can shop confidently at one of my favorite stores. Wow. That’s dope.

As I shopped, I didn’t notice one thing…I had to hold my breath as I searched for a XXL on the rack. And when I used the Zara app to scan the barcode, most of the XXL’s were sold out online. Which tells me two things: 1) Zara is still transitioning into this size range, and 2) there is clearly a demand for this size range because it’s sold out. So keep shopping, ladies. Show them that we are here and we want this product. They will continue to offer it if we keep buying it. Laws of supply and demand, along with buying power. This Fall is all about surprising minimalism and neutrals in fun, unexpected silhouettes for me. As I started going through my closet and transitioning my wardrobe for the season, I realized I had clothes in so many colors and prints that I’d never worn. With minimalist pieces, you inevitably end up mixing and matching in interesting ways. I plan on donating the egregious collection of clothing I’ve accrued over the past few months. Anyway, Yay for Zara! Hopefully they don’t treat their extended sizes like H&M does. I will keep my eyes peeled and let you know how it goes.

Sizing Tip: The shirt I’m wearing in these photos is actually an XL, though it is offered up to a XXL. It’s pretty oversized, make sure you try things on before you buy!

Photo Credit: Tineey

  • Chloe Pierre

    Thank goodness! Goes to show that they are actually listening to their customers! A very happy moment in a curvy girl’s world! About to hit Zara in 2 hours and 3 mins!

    Thanks for sharing babe! CP xo

    • Kelly Augustine

      Yes, very happy indeed! LOL at the precision of time!!! @chloepierre:disqus


    BTW you make this top look so damned good. I am impressed and am loving this on you! Up to an XXL?!? Nice!

    • Kelly Augustine

      thank you @MarieDenee:disqus ! Now let’s go shopping! hahaha

      • Don’t threaten me with a good time…
        Because… I will show up with bells on and a flask. Hehehe

        • Kelly Augustine


  • YES! One of the first places I wanted #plussizeplease from 🙂

  • Natalia Lilly

    Yes!!! Finally my prayers have been answered!!!!! and of course you look amazing!

  • Chardline Chanel-Faiteau

    You just stopped me from writing my open letter to Zara.
    Looks so cute boo!!!

  • Beautiful shirt !

  • lynnlee

    That shirt is fantastic on you!

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