Fresh Take on Spring Trends

Fresh Take on Spring Trends

The transition from winter to spring is unlike that between any other seasons. Depending on where you live, you could go from bare landscaping and bundles of layers, to bare shoulders and bundles of sandals in a matter of weeks.

If you haven’t transitioned your own wardrobe yet, there are still some pieces you can easily transfer over from your winter attire. For example, ankle boots, otherwise known as booties, are just as fashionable when paired with spring attire as they are for those cold weather months. But instead of wearing them with layers of long coats and skinny jeans, you can let your pretty footwear shine with a midi dress or skirt.

When your own wardrobe is in serious need of some booties, grab a pair of peep toes. If you look at the selections available here from who’s who in the fashion world, you can see suede and fringe styles repeated from a variety of different designers. Combine the two details and you’ve got a recipe for fantastic footwear similar to designs from the likes of TOMS, Burberry, and Gianvito Rossi.

Another piece worthy of indulgence this season is a dress that includes details of lace and/or ruffles. Designer Rachel Zoe opened up on the topic during a recent interview with Wonderwall contributor Megan Riedlinger. She called the style a “effortless” and full of femininity. Try them with an off-the-shoulder style or a fitted, knee-length design.

To maximize the look, take Riedlinger’s advice and blend your ultra-feminine look with a masculine touch by adding a fitted suit jacket or sleek, leather biker jacket. Not only does it give your outfit additional interest, it’s an easy way to transition your outfit when the unpredictable weather deems it appropriate.

Finally, when the temperature spikes, let the sun hit your skin with the help of a bit of sheer. In this article, WSJ writer Kimberly Chrisman-Campbell says to think of sheer as “peekaboo for prudes.”

New styles from top designers are giving fashionistas everywhere a “new way to do peekaboo that doesn’t require buns (or nerves) of steel,” with sheer gossamer pieces like tops, skirts and dresses that are layered over other non-transparent pieces. It’s an easy and breezy way to let your skin soak up the sun without showing too much, and it’s perfect for events that require more conservative attire.

You don’t have to follow all of the trends, but indulging in a few new styles is a great way to revitalize your spirit and get you ready for the season. So grab a few for yourself before summer arrives!