The Search for Stylish Glasses on Budget at Warby Parker

One day, I was sitting in my office staring at my screen and realized that I could not see a thing. I’ve gone years and years in denial, sliding by without prescription glasses knowing that I needed them, and I’ve decided to finally get a pair I could stick with. I started my search for stylish glasses on budget because I have a tendency to lose or break them, and ended up at Warby Parker.


This was not my first time at Warby Parker – I’ve had two pairs before them and the prescription just wasn’t right (thank you very much, Cohen Optical). This time around, I wanted to make sure everything went smoothly and I got a pair of glasses I loved and wore often, so I went through the home try-on process and then went down to the Warby Parker Soho location for an eye exam.

Now that I work at a fashion company, I wanted to try something fun because #fashun. I was searching for a unique shape, print or color, so I opted for five pairs from the 2015 Winter Collection. I added them to my cart and they were delivered to my doorstep within days, and I walked around with a different pair each day to get an idea of how I felt in them.Within two weeks I had the glasses, tried them on, and they were returned. So convenient.


In the end, I landed on the Jennings frames which are much safer than I thought I’d like, but they work with everything and I feel great in them. And they’re oversized, which give me the fun shape I was looking for.

I’m looking forward to collecting more frames. Maybe even a pair of prescription sunglasses for the summer?

  • eek I love the black ones you are wearing and the blue ones. I seriously am buying some now, well frames. I always buy my frames then go get my no line bifocols put in lol I tell bae to do the same because he gets the wire looking ones and men will be men he leaves them everywhere they break he loses them stay fashionable xx

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