How Fame & Partners Saved my Wedding Dress (and Party)
If you follow me on YouTube, you know how much of a struggle I had finding a plus-size wedding dress. I have very specific tastes – I didn’t want a dress that had yards of lace, too much boning, or corseting. Growing up, I never imagined I’d be your typical bride with a dress that you’d find in a catalog. I’m more of a Solange-meets-Billie Holiday…in the classic with a little bit of edge way.
Earlier this year, I had a handful of wedding dresses and then I lost weight (very unintentionally, stress I assume), and something just didn’t feel right about the dresses. So I searched and searched and finally came across Fame & Partners, a special occasion dress brand that offers that classic pop of excitement I was looking for.
At the end of it all, I ended up with this dress from Fame & Partners that I absolutely love. The fit was perfect in the bust (I’m a 34K bra, so I was so worried I wouldn’t find a dress that worked) and even more so in the waist. I will say I had to take in the lining in the skirt so that the thigh-high split was accentuated, though. But what’s a wedding dress without alterations?
As a low maintenance bride, I really just wanted my girls to look good and be comfortable all day so I recommended them for Fame & Partners as well. My bridesmaids ran the full spectrum of sizing, so I was very confident we’d all find options. Ultimately, only two went with their F&P choices, but don’t they look lovely? Melissa is rocking Izzie and Danielle is in Skyler.
To make this dress unique to my personality, I added a special touch on the shoulder. I went and found and handful of beautiful brooches and sewed them onto the dress – elegance without the dime. It was an economical way for me to elevate the dress and make it my own.
All in all, I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect dress on my perfect day. It was the embodiment of everything I was looking for – just enough, exciting without overdoing it. Above everything else, I just wanted to be comfortable so I could enjoy the day with my love and our loved ones. Fame & Partners, I thank you.
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