[UPDATED] Natural Hair Wig: Fingercomber Angle Balanced Unit Review
My hair is STILL in recovery mode, can you believe it?! After a big cut in January, I decided to keep my hair in protective styles for the next couple of months. I wanted to keep my natural look and I happened to find the Fingercomber Angle Balanced Unit.
Check out my video review below:

I actually really love this product! The hair texture is very nice, and coils nicely with some coconut oil and a twist out. Some cons, though:
*The Angle Balanced unit needs A LOT of love. When I took it out of the package, I immediately sat down and pulled out the curls it came in based on reviews that I’d seen. The unit had very little body when it arrived. I did a twist out with some coconut oil and it was fine.
*Shipping from Fingercomber takes a few weeks. Mine arrived in two and a half weeks because I used a priority shipping code (enter AKUSHIKA at checkout!).
*The cap is a bit big and there is no drawstring. There are combs at the top and the bottom of the unit. I just added some extra bobby pins and it’s stayed put ever since.

So this is what my Fingercomber Angle Balanced unit looked like after A WEEK. The photos don’t even really do this situation any justice. It was BAD, VERY bad. The hair was coarse, no matter how much oil I put on it. It was tangled and chunky, and just became a huge frizzball.

As you can see, I have a very sad straighter chunk in the front. Nothing on the site indicated what kind of hair this unit is (now I can tell you it’s synthetic, lol). I was preparing for a friend’s wedding and wanted to recurl my hair. I put a curling wand to it (and set at 270 degrees, just as stated is an appropriate method for styling the kinky blowout unit). TOTAL DISASTER. I burned the hair to oblivion and ruined the texture.

…and this is what I was left with. Needless to say, I couldn’t take it so I came home and did some havana twists.

I won’t completely discredit Fingercomber, though! I would love to take a try at the units that can actually be styled. I’m still very smitten with the idea of a natural hair wig, so I may give them another shot.

Anyone else tried Fingercomber?

  • Thank you for the update. Your pictures and experience have not stopped me from wanting to order this unit. I don't use heat on any of my units( using water to curl synthetic units with curling irons works or rolling and dipping in hot, boiled water also gives fantastic results). I learned not to add oil or other products unless it is water-based. I loved your twist out style, so i'll try that and also pin updos, braiding, and other styles- thank you for the inspiration:)

  • Anonymous

    Yes…I have the Havana Fro and the Fingercomber twistout unit. I LOVE the twist out unit… Everyone thinks it's my hair. It has the same density and all. The Havana Fro… It is a nice concept but I'm still trying to get it sorted out. There was a major gap in the middle which prevents me from wearing it in it's twisted state. I am currently in talks with the company on how to resolve that,,, But the twist out unit… PERFECT I retwist once every 3 weeks with lots of water and a little PURE shea butter hair lotion from Whole Foods

    • I should try out the twist out unit, I love the shorter length. I had such a bad experience with the customer service though, I don't know if I'd do it again 🙁

  • Anonymous

    That hair is synthetic hair like the marley and kanekalon hair crochet braid caps that you see ladies install on utube..you do a twist/braid out or some ppl use curling rods to set the hair by dipping it into boiled hot h20..u remove the hair.. let it set for a few mins R let it dry over night then style…when I crochet braid my head with the marley hair and i do a twist/braid out.. I normally take down my twist/braid the nxt day b/c its gives me a deeper twist/braid out.

  • Oooh! Terrible! I bought the wefted hair! It matted so badly! I made clip-ins with it and never slept with them in. Their customer service I have heard leaves a lot to be desired, although I didn't really have a bad experience with that. I will never buy from them again though. The products are not definitely not worth the price.

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