MUSIC: Danity Kane Back Together!

MUSIC: Danity Kane Back Together!
GIRL. I am clutching every single pearl I own. DANITY KANE IS GETTING BACK TOGETHER.
I wish you could understand how deep and real this excitement is. Danity Kane was the quintessential girl group of the 2000’s with mixed races, dynamic personalities and booming voices. I was in love with them and what they represented at the time. 
The girls met in LA today for lunch with a new manager. Reports from TMZ (sorry, it’s the only source right now!) say:

“Diddy’s gonna be pissed – TMZ has learned, Danity Kane (the band he created and later destroyed) is reuniting…without his blessing. Four original members of the group – Aubrey O’Day, Shannon Bex, Dawn Richard and Aundrea Fimbres – grabbed lunch today in LA with a new manager to discuss the reunion…and sources tell TMZ it’s definitely happening. We’re told they plan to record and tour.” (Full story here)

I don’t know about you, but I still throw my Danity Kane playlist on whenever I’m getting dressed on a Saturday night. As a matter of fact, here’s “Damaged”, “Showstopper”, “Sleep On It”, and “Key To My Heart”.

Is anyone else as excited as I am about this?!